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Saturday, January 08, 2005


Today started pretty well - my wife had a 5k at the Lafayette Oatmeal Festival, and did better than she expected - by 2 min/mi!

We feasted on oatmeal and oat-derived foodstuffs after the race, then went back home. Sadly, I had to return to Boulder to finish some work up, so I decided to run up there and try out to new birthday presents - my new Fuelbelt hydration system and my inertial distance/speed instrument. Unfortunately, I forgot to calibrate the instrument - then I bonked at the turn-around. I realized I probably ate under 1000 kCal today, so that explains it. That and I spent a good part of the morning walking around the town of Lafayette. So the family and I went out to get some tasty pizza - I think with the amount of pizza that was consumed tonight I won't have any problems with my 12 mile run tomorrow.


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