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Thursday, January 20, 2005

I'm using the Serious Training for Endurance Athletes training plan, so I found out that I wasn't allowed to run today since my snowshoeing counted for 2 hours of overdistance training. Sweet! Instead, my family and I traded in my digital camera (which had been deleting pictures) for a new Olympus. So, I will post pics of my runs now that I don't have to send anything in for repairs.

Tonight I did something I consider risky: carried my baby around a store for 15 minutes with no diapere on. He liked it pretty well and cooed the entire time. Sigh- I remember when I thought doing something risky was:

a) hucking 15 foot cornices on my snowboard
b) building huge ramps and snowboarding down them on St. Mary's Glacier
c) bouldering and scambling scree fields with my friend Karl.

Now it's walking around with a baby whose going commando. I'm running towards old age.


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