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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

inactive recovery

I thought about going for a run today as part of an active recovery, but then I decided to just shift my training schedule by a day. Besides, I've found that running on Monday afternoons sort of makes for a nice way to start the week. Before that I had been doing my +10 mi runs on Sunday. But between getting downtown to Mass and playing with the baby, it made for a stressful day.

But I digress. Instead, my legs decided that today would be my resting day. But I will leave you with some pictures. One of my socks that I really like after yesterday's dusty run:

And here's a sunrise picture I took:

Have a good night, and I'll fill you in on my run tomorrow. I think it'll be a trail run, but I don't know where. Maybe even a snowy trail run, which are quite fun.


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