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Friday, January 21, 2005

little rant

I weighed myself lately, and for the last couple months I've been stuck at 190 lbs. No matter how much I run or how little I eat, I stay at this weight (I'm 5'10"). I've even lost my belly, but the weight has figured out how to hide on my body.

When I was finishing up college, I weight 165 lbs, but was unheathily skinny - you could see my ribs and I always getting strep throat.

I'm wondering how much of my inability to get past this plateau is really that I've started eating more nutritious foods than I did in college. Could it be that I have muscle in my legs?

I guess I'll have to go and get my body fat tested. The lowest I ever got to was 8 % in 1998. I peaked out at around 15 % two years ago. I'm wondering where I am now. It would be interesting to see where I've come from last year. The first two years of graduate school really did a number on my body.


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