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Thursday, January 13, 2005

off day

I had a pretty bad case of insomnia last night, and I couldn't fall asleep until 2 am. It really sucked. So, instead of doing intervals, I'll just be existing and slumming it at my basal metabolic rate today. I'll go for a nice 4 or 5 miler tomorrow, unless I have the same problem tonight.

Lot of stuff happened yesterday, and that combined with a big cup of coffee in the morning might have combined to keep me awake last night - even after a most gnarly run. I decided to get a MS and get started on my career as opposed to keep going on the Ph.D. I guess my heart wasn't in it any more. I love the atmospheric sciences, and I really hope I can get a job at one of the labs around here or with the government doing what I'm doing now. It's just that every time I thought about writting grants or proposals or trying to keep up with publications, a little voice inside of me just went: why?

Anyway, I feel pretty good about my decision. I'm starting to poke around and look for jobs in the atmospheric sciences. I really enjoy programming, and this is a great field for that sort of thing. Plus, I'll get a head start on my career. I've heard of a couple MS scientists that made more than Ph.D's because they were able to start at their jobs sooner.

C'mon government job!


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