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Friday, January 21, 2005

running with the cows

I did today's run at South Boulder Creek Open Space-

As you can see, it's at the base of the foothills and is a pleasant run through semi-rural southern Boulder county. Plus, it's really flat, which is sort of rare here right along the foothills. My run was a 55 minute overdistance workout.
What was great about it was my pace increased from my last week of runs. Today I was able to run 6.2 miles in 55 minutes (or 10 km). I guess that works out to about 8:52 min/mi, which is very good for me (I'm not built like most runners - I wrestled in high school and played rugby in college). When I started back up again last spring I was doing 11 min/mi, so I think I'm moving up nicely. That's quite a drop from my last long run (12 mi) that I think I did at about 9:30 min/mi on a very hilly course. We'll see what I can do tomorrow. I'm still not sure if I should do my long run on trail or do it on the road. I'll wait and see what the weather will do tomorrow.

Anyway, here's a picture of the Flatirons from the trail:

The South Boulder Creek trail goes through active grazing space, so I snapped a picture of some friendly cows along the way at mile 5:

There was also an old barn from the early farming days of Boulder:

What was really nice about this run was the weather today, too. About 65F with very light winds. I was able run in shorts and a coolmax t-shirt.

Today started nicely, too. Here's the sunrise from this morning over North Table Mountain:

Today's Run summary:
time: 55 minutes
distance: 6.2 miles
pace: 8:52 min/mi
measured with GPS


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