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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

A break in the clouds

Well, my hellish week is slowly drawing to a close. The running has been a bit spotty over the last two weeks. First I was finishing off a cold, then I got hit with a huge assignment at work. I also had to go to several pre-screening sessions for interviews, and then had to go to the interviews. My last one is tomorrow morning, and it's with Raytheon. It's a pretty cool job, and I might be able to stay here if I get it...

Anyway, I went running today. I ended up doing 5.86 miles in 55 minutes. I did 9:12/mi for the first half and 9:37/mi for the second. I think this had to do with the layout of S. Boulder. It sort of slopes downwards towards the north (the direction where I ran on the way out). The way back climbs back up towards the mesas in southern Boulder.

The only unpleasant part of the run was the cheese-grater action that took place on the inside of my arm. I discovered that un-Body Glided arms, ~6 mi runs, and Nike singlets can break skin. Other than that it was a great run, and I felt pretty good. I'm going to skip over my tempo runs and just do them at distance pace since I've been a little on the lazy and/or stressed side lately. I'll run off this illness weight I put on during my cold...

Now if my weather models would just run instead of dumping their core...

Run summary:
55 minutes
5.86 mi
9:24 min/mi


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