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Sunday, February 13, 2005

good while it lasted...

As you may know, I got sick last weekend after a spectacular run at Washington Park. Sadly, my coming down with a cold also happened at the same time I was given a Garmin Forerunner 101. To deal with the pain of not running, I decided I would help my immune system along by eating tasty fatty foods.. Calzones, pizza, GoodTimes burgers, and plenty of other tasty things.

I'm sort of scared to get on the scale (although it looks like my body didn't change a bit), but it'll be good to get back on the road. I will give up the junky foods now that everything in my body is now happy and conflict free. I'll finally test out the Forerunner this week, plus I'll start doing some swimmming as cross training. Should be fun. I found a new race that isn't right when I'll be defending my thesis - the Platte River Half Marathon. My goal: to run it in 2 hrs or less. I think that's pretty reasonable, given that it's early spring and my times have been pretty decent (for me) lately.


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