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Friday, February 04, 2005

I had that not so fresh feeling (in my legs)

My wonderful wife Brynne suggested I go running in Washington Park (downtown Denver) today. We drove down to Denver to meet with a friend in the early evening, but before meeting, we stopped at the park.

It was a gorgeous day - mid 60's, not a single cloud in the sky, and every one was outside running, biking, playing with their dogs. Brynne walked with John while I did two laps (it's 2.2 miles around the park). What's great about Washington Park is that it's completely closed off to traffic, and it's incredibly scenic around there - old Victorian houses, the mountains off in the distance, and ponds surrounded by flower gardens. If that wasn't enough, there was also plenty of eye candy in the form of fine road frames: a couple of pimped out Colnagos, Litespeeds, Mercx, and plenty o' high end OCLV Treks. I would like to get back into road biking, but I don't have the time right now. Maybe after graduation or something like that. It would make for nice cross training during the season.

I think I did 9 min/mi today, as I was trying to take it nice & comfortable. I think my legs are still recovering from Thursday's little adventure. After the run, I refueled on some great hot chocolate and local biscotti at a nifty coffee house. It has huge, comfortable sofas, no smoking, and they play decent house music. Very mellow, and the staff, although they look like they could kick your ass, are quite nice.

Brynne also made lasagna from scratch today, too. So that just made my wonderful day even better. I think I'll have to take her to a good kniting store for Friday afternoon...

And although this has nothing to do with running, did you know that suction cups stick remarkably well to a baby's back? Better than they do to the tub...


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