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Monday, February 28, 2005

My weather models have decided to work!!

I know this doesn't have jack to do with running, but I've been busting my ass for the last week and a half trying to get WRF to work (Weather Research and Forecasting). Anyway, I have been doing my graduate work on the impacts of land surface moisture on mesoscale (20-200 km) weather forecasts. I use this fancy new weather model to do my forecasts, and usually run my models on a Beowulf cluster of 100 processors. However, it wasn't cutting it, so I had to move all my stuff over to my account at the National Center for Atmospheric Research here in Colorado.

After much fussing, programming, swearing, complaining, and debugging - it looks like my models are running! I might just get my masters thesis after all!

What's funny was I'm now using the processors I worked on when I was an microprocessor engineer at IBM (Power 4 clusters).


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