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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Run reports

Well, I'm back on the wagon after being sick. It seems that my method of recovery put about 3-4 lbs. on me, but it's winter, and I think with increased training volume, it'll come right back off. Besides, it's freaking cold outside in Colorado. Anyway, I know I blogging during work, but the head node of the supercomputer cluster I use is dead right now, so I've hit a workstop.

Monday: First day back on the road after a week off. I decided I would give my wife a well deserved break, and take John with me on my run. He has a really nice jogging stroller, and it would be fun. Things were pretty peachy until about mile 1.5. Then things got ugly- in my stomach. My stomach started to feel sort of funny and I decided that I had best turn around. What ensued was a mad spring to the public library, pushing a stroller, and doing about 8:30/mi to the bathroom. It seems that my GI tract wasn't quite up to running, and revolted. Needless to say, that run got cut short at 1.89 mi with 9:06/mi average.

Tuesday: Much better. No stomach issues. No having to run to bathrooms at public libraries and trying to push a huge stroller into a tiny bathroom. I went for a nice tempo run around southern Boulder. It was also the first full run that I was able to use my Forerunner (for those who don't know, it's a wrist mounted GPS watch). All I can say is: AWESOME.
It was so cool - and so light! It's much nicer than the old Timex/Garmin Speed+Distance set-up I used to use, and I didn't have to wear anything around my upper arm. It takes almost no time to pick up the satellites and it did a fantastic job of measuring the sections where I knew the distance. Anyway, it was a flat 40:00 minute tempo run. I averaged 8:36/mi for the run, and was quite happy. I was pretty excited, and started out too fast (sub-8:00/mi), but soon got into a good pace.

What else.. I have a little 4 miler to do today, which will be a nice break. I have a pre-selection interview tonight, so it'll relax me before I go in. It's pretty cold and windy out today, so it'll be a character building run...


  • At 1:12 PM, Blogger Jank said…

    My guess is that the kid loved the sprint to the library. You could also file that under "Why trail running rocks..."


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