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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Another good run!

I had an active recovery day today. I decided to relieve Brynne of the baby for 40 minutes and took him running with me while she ran on her own. We went on the Wheat Ridge path again, but this time I pushed John in his stroller. It was pretty nice not having to negotiate any hills in it. As for my pace, I think last week was sort of a fluke, because I took it pretty easy and was able to manage 8:56/mi for 4 miles. I didn't even feel out of breath or tired at the end. Maybe this means I will reach my goal of breaking under 2 hours for my half marathon a month from today. I certainly hope so...

And the day was made even better by dinner and desert. Waffle fries and Quorn nuggets (mycoprotien formed into chicken nuggets -they're awesome). I followed that off with soy vanilla ice cream on top of girl scout cookies. And I checked my email tonight and found out I have been invited to another interview. Maybe getting a decent job in industry isn't that far off.

So, what started off as a crappy week has turned pretty awesome. Maybe I can bang out my 9 miler this Sunday at a good pace, too. Oh, and my son fell asleep on me tonight, which was great. I love it when he does that.

Run Summary:
distance: 4.48 miles
time: 40 minutes
pace: 8:56 min/mi


  • At 2:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    i have a half in a month too....yikes!

    Need. to. get. on. the. stick.

  • At 7:45 PM, Blogger april anne said…

    I’m glad things are going well. Good luck with your interview! It cracks me up that your
    easy 8:56/mi pace would be considered a hard workout for me. It’s cool that even though we are all at different running levels/abilities, we can still share our experiences and learn from each other.


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