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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

New shorts!

I got two new pairs of running shorts this week: some Coolmax running shorts from Brooks and some Nike DriFit runnig shorts. Both are really comfortable, but the Nikes are really comfortable. It's like they took the softest part of the softest animal...

and skinned it.

Then used it for the liner in these shorts.

It's Nike, so I wouldn't put it past them to make their shorts of out bunnies, but they're so comfortable that I'll still buy them.


  • At 8:17 PM, Blogger Jank said…

    The anti-social tendancy that I have to fight hardest is the one that has me looking at pictures of fuzzy bunnies, duckies, cows, etc, while my inner voice says "Hmmmm, let's see - kill it, gut it, skin it, and we could stick it on a spit/pan/oven with a little bit of thyme, salt and pepper, and that'd be darn tasty..."

  • At 6:50 AM, Blogger Bigtooth said…

    It could also be chinchilla--they're super soft.

  • At 8:05 AM, Blogger Deene said…

    baby goat skin (kidskin) is pretty soft too. rabbit skin tears easily.


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