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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

on the road again

Monday was a day off for running - which was pretty handy because I had an interview most of the day. Yesterday was my 6 mile run, and it was gorgeous outside - mid 40's, sunny, and pretty dry outside save a couple of ice patches and puddles. I did a flatter course - out to Golden High School and the Juvinile Detention center (we have the county jail, an minimum security prison, and a juvi center all about 2 miles from each other). There was a slight headwind combined with a small grade on the way out, but nothing too bad. The turn around was nice because of the descent and tailwind. All in all - 6 miles at 8:35/mi. I'm pretty pleased with that, and I felt good - not out of breath or sore. In fact, the only thing that felt wierd was my leg turnover. I've been trying to get a faster cadence going when I run and minimizing my vertical bounce. Other than that, my cardiovascular system felt great.

Run summary:
distance: 6 miles
pace: 8:35 min/mi
time: 51:30 minutes
shoes: Asics Gel Evolution 4E (so I can remember to cycle it out!)

Today is a tempo run at the track: 45 minutes at 7:40 min/mi. We'll see how that goes...


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