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Monday, March 07, 2005

On the seventh day I rested...

Today was a rest day (finally!). In looking back at the past week, I think I went out to fast on Saturday's run and ended up paying for it yesterday. I did a little 5 mile recovery walk with the family today (actually, I walked while Brynne ran whilst I pushed the stroller). Plus, we got money back from the IRS (not like past years...).

It was a beautiful day today - sunny and warm, albeit a little windy - but that's to be expected this time of year in the Front Range. My new shoes also arrived - the glorious & stable Asics! To top it all off, Brynne cooked a lovely whole chicken in our rotisserie with mashed potatoes. It was all quite healthy and tasty.

Tomorrow I'm going to run, but looking at the weather forecast, I might be running on the little 1/16th mile track at the recreation center here in town. I don't feel like bothering with 20-30 mph winds. It also looks like I'll be doing the Greenland Trail 12.5 km (instead of the originally intended 50 km). It'll be a nice recovery after the half marathon in Littleton on the 3rd of next month.

As it is now, my models are running at a supercomputer at NCAR and all is well with the world. I just need to get a couple more chapters done for my thesis and everything will be peachy. I also have another site interview - so there is a decent chance I may not have to move from Colorado - which has really become my adopted home state (I've lived here longer than anywhere else).

Have a good night and have a great training week!


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