Black Toes

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Friday, March 11, 2005


Here's some pics from today's trail run at Betasso Preserve:

Some broken farm equipment from earlier this century - at the trailhead:

Some conifers at the trailhead, looking west towards Nederland:

Looking north towards the Lyons formation. This is the direction that the loop is:

Here's a picture of a tired me after the run. Ok, not really tired, just sweaty from wearing too much Coolmax:

And finally, a beautiful mountain wave that I caught coming out of work this evening:

Tonight was great - the family went down to the local NY style pizza place here in downtown Golden. It's pretty good - and quite busy on a friday night with Mines students (where I went to college) and locals. Pizza is really my weakness. At least it doesn't take time off your life like cigarettes. Pizza is one of the main reasons I run (that, and it's fun).