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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Pretty toes, pretty black toes, pretty toes to eat = porn?

I took a look at the referals to this blog. I had high hopes that most of my links were due to

a) The St. Blogs parish (a grouping of Catholic blogs)


b) other running blogs in the RBF...

I was so wrong. Apparently, it seems that many of my hits are due to people looking for pretty toes, pretty black toes, or pretty toes to eat.

If you're looking for toe porn or pictures of toes, you've come to the wrong place. Maybe I'll post a picture of my black toe, though. Half of the nail just fell off. And I'd hate for all you pretty/black/pretty black toe searchers to come away empty handed (so to speak)...

I think my favorite search that lead to this blog was pretty toes to eat.

That's awesome.


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