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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

A question to the RBF about treadmills

Recently my wife informed me that she wanted to get me a treadmill when I got a real job (not being a grad student!). Since they're not cheap, I figure I should start researching them now. I've been looking at many of the websites and reading some stuff in Consumer Reports, but I know some of you in the RBF have treadmills and I was wondering if you had any advice? So far I've seen that you should get one with a longer base and a good motor (~3 HP). Many of the other ones I've seen have the HR feature that I see Marisa write about. The HR feature looks like a great tool, and I think I would like to get one that has that.

So, any advice, words of warning, etc? I have about two months before I'll start work, so I figure that's plenty of time to start looking around.

I'm thinking it'll be a good tool for me because:

* we have a baby that needs watching (and we want more kids, too).

* I HATE going to gyms to run because of the 20-30 minute rule

* I really want to start training for ultra distance events (50 km - 50 mile - 100 km events) and this is one of the only ways I can feasibly train for long distances and still be a good husband/dad.

If I get one, I'm totally putting it in front of the TV so I can watch movies + cartoons while I run. No more looking at a mirror or having to look at everyone else work out.



  • At 6:39 AM, Blogger Brendan said…

    Well, I'm absolutely no help on this, because I really hate treadmills. Years ago, when my daughter was young and I was training for marathons, I took her with me in a jogging stroller. She loved it, we had a great time together. But, I stuck to the roads for my training, while you're going to be on trails a good deal of the time.

  • At 8:03 AM, Blogger Jank said…

    I'm gradually warming up to treadmills, especially the one in my basement. The 20-30 minute rule doesn't bug me since I tend to zone out and get bored about that same time.

    Advice -
    1. Run on the TM before you buy it. The first one we had was super loud; could hear it anywhere in the house, and was pretty much worthless if the baby was napping.
    2. Put it in the basement or on a slab - American houses act like a drum when there's an adult pounding on a treadmill on a wooden floor.
    3. Put the kids in a playpen, or separate the TM from the kids with some sort of a gate.

  • At 6:51 PM, Blogger april anne said…

    I do not have a treadmill so I can’t offer any advice, but I do have to say that when I go to the gym the elliptical cross trainers are always full and the treadmills are always open. Maybe you should look into a cross trainer?

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