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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Shoely goodness

Yesterday's run was awesome. In the recent issue of Running Times they have an article about pacing by Coach Benson. It's a pretty good article and it has information about how to pace yourself by percieved exertion. I think I found my proper pace grouping, and I tested it out last night. Yesterday's run was a nice & easy 6 miler at a 9:05/mi pace. I was feeling pretty good for the whole run, and could have kept a pretty good conversation going (if there was someone to talk to). I also checked by breathing during the run and it wasn't labored at all. So I think ~9 min/mi is a good pace for my easier runs. Today I have to do 9x400s at the Rec Center here in town. I'm hoping to do 7:30/mi, which I think would be pretty feasible for me. We'll see what happens.

Happily, my new shoes arived yesterday afternoon and I got another pair to rotate out. It finally happened: I have multiple pairs of shoes for training and racing since I run on 2-3 consecutive days. I'll have to recycle my old Asics Gel Evolutions to make some space.

On the job front, I also got some good news. I've heard back from another company here in the Denver Metro area (also in the defense aerospace field), so that might give me another option for sticking around the front range. As of now, I have a site interview next Monday morning, Tuesday morning, and I'm flying to New Orleans the next Monday for a site interview. I hope a good offer comes from all this travelling.

While I was running yesterday, I started thinking about Divine Madness, a Boulder CO based runng cult. Their leader eschews normal medical exams, and instead determines all he needs to know by pulling on their arms. They do lots of ultra races around the US, and one of their runners died two years ago after a 200 mile race. How many towns have an ultra running cult? It's pretty creepy - since the leader tells the members whom to sleep with for optimal performance. Whenever I'm running on the trails around Boulder I wonder if some of the really dazed looking greyhound types speeding by are one of the cult members :)

Lastly, I've addded a Bloglines subscribe button at the bottom of the side bar. Feel free to click on it to subscribe to me, hint, hint.


  • At 8:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    That divine Madness articles....was creepy.

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    well. you find the right place in Bouler. Divine madness, now called the "Community" is also mostly the "Boulder Trail RUnners' who have these recruting happy hour events on thrusday nights. You can spot them easy enough, full time Ultra runners, offering massage,drugs, side runs with you, training advice, that sort of thing. Some have done big "races" or hold "records" which are nothing more than figments of thier imagination in terms of relevance to the running community. There was an old, worn out German doctor that entered Hardrock carrying walking sticks.... no self respecting runner would waste time on such a foolish thing.

    So my advice, stay as far away as possible from the Boulder Trail RUnners. They have ruined a lot of peoples lives with the promiscuity and drugs. I know of several marriages they broke up with all this and some of them are certainly "married - ho ho " themselves.

    Good luck - there are a lot peopel watching this bunch of losers. Don't be caught with them at the wrong time.

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