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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Slack ass..

With respect to running, that is. Today was crazy - I wrote a visualization program to do some analysis of my weather output, went to another on-site job interview (for a defense job in Boulder), and then followed that all up with a 2.5 hour meeting with my advisors at NCAR where I presented my results after getting them finished 15 minutes before my interview. After all that, I didn't have the energy or the time to go for a tempo run. That, and my son has been a real handful lately.

Luckily I can work from home tomorrow, so I'll be able to head out for a run - maybe even a trail run.

I figure it wouldn't kill me to miss a day and I could help my wife out since she wasn't feeling good and had a hyper infant on her hands all day. On the job front, hopefully I'll hear back next week. I'm really hoping for one company in particular, but if we can stay in Denver, I'll be pretty happy. It looks like the salaries will be all the same, too - which makes my decision easier. The last interview is next week in New Orleans with Shell Oil's Exploration and Production division. Looks like that BS in Engineering Physics is paying off finally...


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