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Monday, March 14, 2005

sorry for being a slacker but..

I've been pretty busy with the whole find a job thing and getting my last experiments running.

I had an interview for a big ol' defense contractor here in Denver. I'm really hoping and praying that I get this one because it would be a really cool job and I wouldn't have to move away from here. I absolutely love Colorado- so much to do!

Anyway, I went for my 10 miler yesterday and had a blast. The first five miles were the slower ones, as there was plenty of hill work do be done - a fact of life of living where I do. The good thing was that although I was almost always on some incline for the first couple of miles, I managed to average 9:05/mi for the first half. If I can swing that for my half next month - I'll be under 4:00!! And I know for a fact the upcoming race is pretty flat with a net descent of 120' over 13 miles.
The next 5 miles were significantly faster - in the mid 8/mi range. This was because I was running on flats for most of it (the descent was short). All in all I felt as if I could have kept going, but I felt as if the 10 miles would never end. Our awesome weather of Saturday came to an abrupt end as a big continental polar air mass crashed into the mountains from the north east. When that happens the cold air sort of sloshes up against the Rockies and gives us up-slope snow and generally cold temperatures. We have a couple inches of snow outside, but my run was pretty pleasant. It was one second off from last week's long run, but I think the hills were harder than the headwinds last week.

One thing I've been amazed with this week is Coach Benson's pace charts from the latest Running Times. My intervals were off by ~ 5 seconds / 400 meters, and my long run (which was supposed to be at 60-75% PE) were pretty much dead on (between 9:41/mi and 8:17 mi). I was nearly right on the center at 8:53/mi.

Slaker-ella, I mean my wife went for her run yesterday, but has yet to update her blog about it... She did pretty well, and ran on an indoor track since she's not all about bundling up and running in the cold. I really get a kick out of it. Probably why I really like XC skiing, too. As if yesterday weren't cool enough - my wife found the latest issue of Marathon and Beyond magazine at B&N yesterday before we went to Mass. It has a great article about balancing life, career, family & distance training AND it's funny, too! Plus, on the way home from Mass, John didn't even so much as cry a peep. He just slept all the way home (which is a first in the last couple of months). All his baby clothes now smell of incense, though.

Today was my off day - I went to my interview all day and played with the baby. Since he's a tiny giant at 24 lbs. I count playing with him as weight training. He's toned my arms pretty well in the last couple of months (really!). I took her down to Littleton to get her some quilt supplies. There's an awesome running store in Littleton (the Boulder Running Company), and I found some trail running shorts 40% off! They'll come in handy as soon as the weather goes back to sunny and warm.

Tomorrow - I don't know what I have to do, but I do know I have to run. Should be fun. I'll get some work done since I have two more interviews coming up, too. And I'll have to finish the second DVD of the first season of the Kids in the Hall. Brynne also informed me that when I get a job she'll get me a treadmill! Rock! I'm so stoked! I can run & spend time with the family. I'll be able to bang out runs to Family Guy, Futurama, KITH, Simpsons, etc.

Congratulations to Jon on his race this weekend, and good luck to Jank on his tri training. Best of luck to all y'all in your training endeavors this week!

Run summary:
10 miles
8:53 min/mi


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