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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Tempo day

I always look towards days where I have tempo or interval work with a sense of excitement and dread. Excitement that it'll in some way make me a faster runner and dread that it'll probably suck at sometime. Today was a tempo day, and my needed running time was 40 minutes, so it wasn't too long. I remember doing 60 and 70 minute tempo runs that were kind of hard -especially since there was usually some extended climbing involved.

Today I decided to run on the Wheat Ridge Greenbelt trail. It's basically a trail that runs from Golden out to Commerce City (think industrial ghetto: lots of porn shops, junk yards, and bars) and down to Cherry Creek (think the antithesis of Commmerce City - the place where they have $200,000 Maserati's parked in the mall and valet parking to boot). What's especially nice about this path is the the lack of any topographic features - it's pretty flat and has pleasant scenery around it.

So - after an exciting day of doctor's appointments and doing some work, I headed down to one of the trailheads at dusk. It was pretty nice, and I got to see the beer train!

Toot, toot - here comes the beer train!

It was pretty nice and empty on the trail, save for many rabbits. Perhaps they were running from me because I was wearing my bunny shorts (the new Nikes).

Besides, where else can your run take you past enourmous silos of hops and one of the largest beer factories?

All in all it was a good run. I jackrabbited the first part of the run and went out too fast initially - 7:45/mi for the first mile and half. I found a good pace and was able to keep it in the low eights for the rest of the run. All in all, I was pretty happy with my pace.

I don't think I'll be very sore for tomorrow's run. I'm pretty excited about my decreasing paces, because earlier this winter I was doing tempo runs in the low 9:00/mi range, and I've almost dropped a minute in 3 months. Pretty good for 6000 ft in my book.

Run summary:
distance: 4.83 miles
pace: 8:17 min/mi
time: 40 minutes


  • At 5:28 AM, Blogger Brendan said…

    A minute in three months--things are starting to pay off!

  • At 8:03 AM, Blogger Jank said…

    The obligatory:

    Mmmm, beer.

    Watching the pace pick up is a treat. One of the things I've been struggling with since being sick is seeing my times grow. Granted, they're still Better than they were when I started the year, but still...


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